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DNN Apps - for DotNetNuke and 2sxc

This site is used for publishing Apps for DNN (DotNetNuke). These Apps are extremely easy to install and customize. They are all Multilanguage-compatible, have versioned data and can be installed multiple times - with different installations per portal. This is all possible thanks to the 2sxc Content-Management extension, which is required. So as a pre-requisite, please download 2sxc on Codeplex.

!!Graphic App-Catalog
You can browse the Apps in the App-Catalog of 2sxc.

All Apps contain full source code

These apps are meant to work immediately, but allow customization as soon as you need to change the look and feel or would like new fields etc. This is very easy to do. So when you install an App, it always contains everything incl. the full source code.

Difference between [Token] Apps and @Razor Apps

The Templating language can be DNN-tokens and/or Razor. Since Razor contains C# code, such Apps can only be installed with Host-Permissions. Apps containing only Tokens-Templates can also be installed by Admins as they pose no security issues. Token templates are much simpler to customize but are limited to placeholder-scenarios.

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